• contact -- Contact Mr. Osmo Anttalainen M.Sc.(E.E.) et al. Helsinki Finland Europe. -- Languages best understood: English, Deutsch (German), svenska (Swedish) and suomi (Finnish).

  • fashion -- Fashion links -- A collection of over 200 selected high quality fashion links around the world. Click to meet famous designers, their collections and to see how the designers and fashion houses have designed their own homepages.

  • next_life_english -- Sports betting in Finland and help offered for poor and troubled families -- Ministry of the Interior (Finland) promises help to victims of their heavy advertising and low odds with the following words: a state monopoly is the most effective way of reducing the negative social and health effects of money games and preventing misuse (intermin.fi/en/police/gambling). That is not true however -- and sports betting is not gambling. Local sports betting service Next Life and help for poor and troubled families anywhere in the World.

  • offshore -- Territories of the world and a list of offshore jurisdictions -- Maps, images and articles from all countries and territories including offshore countries and offshore territories. A collection of links to most important privacy and asset protection tools for everybody.

  • trump -- What did Donald J. Trump say before election in 2016? -- These pages do not constitute any opinion about the president candidate Donald J. Trump but documentation of his public opinions on donaldjtrump.com on February 07, 2016. About Trump. Immigration Reform. Second Amendment Rights. Tax Reform. U.S.-China Trade Reform. Veterans Administration Reforms.

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