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  1. 001_latest_news.html -- The future of Street Gambling in Finland -- Since 1996, I have selected football (soccer) matches for consultants, legal syndicates, professional sports gamblers, sports betting mutual funds and newspapers. Bookmakers compete against each other on the Internet but our local "monopoly" Veikkaus Oy (veikkaus.fi) runs a Street Gambling business without any competition. Five times higher prices can make any business impossible. What can we expect in the future? -- More news in the growing news archive.
  2. 002_contact.html -- Contact Mr. Osmo Anttalainen M.Sc.(E.E.) Helsinki Finland -- Contact the developer of custom made hardware and software for investors, traders and consultants. Languages best understood are English, Deutsch (German), svenska (Swedish) and suomi (Finnish). Please note that this is a personal site without any professional material.
  3. 003_one_time_pad.html -- One Time Pad encrypting -- Use this tool to encrypt any top secret short texts or just nonsense. For example a list of names, addresses, phone numbers and passwords or your diary details. Then decrypt the encrypted message or let somebody else do that with the same key you used for encrypting. Nothing will be transferred outside of your computer and no Internet connection is needed. This method can also be used to make all kind of censorship impossible. The information will be nowhere but is everywhere -- including the net site of the censor itself.
  4. 004_disclaimer.html -- Disclaimer -- The nicknamed persons, the webmaster and the corresponding real persons are not qualified licensed investment advisors, they are no advisors at all and they do not give any advice for any purposes. There are absolutely no advisory services on this site or on technically linked sites. READ THE COMPLETE DISCLAIMER!
  5. 005_privacy_tools.html -- Privacy, asset protection & news from France, Germany and USA -- A collection of links to most important privacy and asset protection tools for everybody. Links to Internet news. Le Figaro France, Nice-Matin Nice France, Radio RFI en français, Radio DLF auf Deutsch, Nachrichtenleicht (Radio DLF) and Hacker News USA (ycombinator).

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