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Developing advanced financial tools in Helsinki, the Capital of Finland.

Using artificial intelligence to make conventional day trading obsolete.

Contact Mr. Osmo Anttalainen M.Sc.(E.E.) Helsinki Finland

Languages: English, Deutsch (German), svenska (Swedish), suomi (Finnish)

Mailing address: Osmo Anttalainen, PL 18, 02101 Espoo, Finland

Email address NOW: 3 2 4 @ a n t t a l a i n e n . c o m (without spaces)

Aalto University Espoo Finland   --   School of Electrical Engineering

Examples of earlier designs: extremely fast hybrid computer and software with self learning cognitive technology for high frequency trading (HFT), military quality hardware for protection against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of high-altitude nuclear explosions and a high voltage MECHANICAL pulse generator for EMP-simulation. Many kind of soft switching power circuits, mains frequency transductors and radio frequency magnetic amplifiers were made from sub-microvolt signal level up to tens of kW's for those who need highest reliability and low RFI. This unconventional design history also includes environmental, medical and consumer products -- but being able to replace traders, speculators and gamblers with an abandoned old computer, simple analog circuit design and a few lines of code is fun. It might be the most useful thing too but not for everybody. -- Latest developments in magnetics can be found on IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (an example: 2017 20).

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