This site belongs to a large human powered computing network that is able to predict (almost) anything. S&P 500, EUR/USD and results of football (soccer) matches for example. Opinions turned into useful predictions. Contact Mr. Osmo Anttalainen M.Sc.(E.E.), 3 2 4 @ a n t t a l a i n e n . c o m (without spaces). Languages best understood: Deutsch (German), svenska (Swedish), suomi (Finnish) and English.

In Finland everybody can legally sell predictions with a guarantee, return the money if a prediction failed and pay compensations. This important Finnish language document of the Ministry of the Interior shown below and signed by the head of the office Mr. Jouni Laiho already in 2005, confirms that the insisted sports betting state "monopoly" Veikkaus Oy has always been nonsense and is not based in law.

Sisäasiainministeriön lausunto pitkävedosta

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The picture: telecommunication technology from Finland 1965
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